Wednesday, September 28, 2011

About Shant TV

You know, I have been watching Shant TV for about 6 years...I can tell you even why I like ONLY the very channel. It's because of content. In my life I have thin 1000s of channels over the world. Shant TV content includes best "World Quality" shows...

I can speak about it for hours, but I think, that it is better once to see, than to hear about that 10 times.
So if you surely want to understand what I am talking about you can visit Shant TV website.
You can even see site in English. The only minus of site is that everything is in Armenian(anyway I can understand why. It is national TV channel). But otherwise the content of programs is to interesting, that you even can understand main things, without Armenian language.

So if you see something, tell me, I would be very happy, to listen about your sights. 

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